Friday, August 27, 2010

Worth Waiting For

Today's theme for Six Word Fridays is 'wait', which made me ask myself, what types of things are we (everyone, everywhere) waiting for? What's worth waiting for? What isn't? What events, objects, and people mark the time with us as we wait? I'm not sure, to be honest, so while waiting for inspiration to strike, I started this list.

Every day I (you, we) wait...

for the morning coffee to brew
for the school bus to arrive
for the check in the mail
for that right moment to ask,
to call, to take a chance.

We wait for dusk to fall
for the baby bottle to warm
for the kids to fall asleep
for the house to finally settle.

For the paper to be delivered,
for a sign, a nudge, or 
the proverbial message in a bottle. 

We wait for school to end,
soccer or dance to let out
important phone calls from important people.
Circled dates on the kitchen calendar.

We wait for spring break and
Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's, and Easter.
For birthdays and three-day weekends.

We wait for the seasons to
change, for difficult phases to end,
for favorite book release dates and
television premieres. For dessert and bedtime.
For graduations and coveted first jobs
and for others to remember us.

We wait for apologies and admissions
and the punch lines of jokes.
For secrets to spill over drinks,
for letters and emails and prayers.

We wait for laundry to dry,
for oven timers to announce dinner,
for the sun to come out,
for tears to run their course.

We wait for little legs pedaling,
for soup to cool in bowls,
for fireworks to light the sky.

We wait for company to arrive.
We wait for company to leave.
We wait for reunion and departure
and kisses on cheeks and solitude.

We wait up for teenage children,
for bad news, and for good.
We wait too long or not
long enough or somewhere in-between.

We wait with baited breath and
sweaty palms and bitten nails and
anticipation and joy and resentment and
always, always fear of the unknown.
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