Monday, August 30, 2010

It's almost September, and you know what that means...

it's almost time to start cooking meals again.

What? Do you people cook in the summer? Because I don't. Not really. Actually, no, I'd have to say not at all. I mean, we BBQ. We make cold cut sandwiches and roast corn and pack picnics and pick up fried chicken (for the meat eaters among us). But the actual oven's been taking its usual extended leave from June-August. (I think this was in its contract when we bought the house.)

Me, circa 1950, doing what I love best.
But in preparation for a revamping of meal preparation (no one can say I'm not domestic!), I've had the opportunity to finally replace the food processor I broke last spring making my famous (i.e. only-thing-I-can-consistently-make-well) veggie pot pie crust. I ordered this Black and Decker 8-cup number from CSN Stores, and it arrived last week.*

I couldn't be happier. It's much more powerful than my old one (which means I'll try to cram much more stuff into it), and easier to clean too (I do clean things). And think about it: now I can make homemade salsa! And hummus! And shred my own cheese so I can save money buying only the blocks. Will I do any of this? Yes! For about two weeks (after which I'll probably forget I have a food processor until the next time I make my famous veggie pot pies). I mean, the next time someone begs me to make my famous veggie pot pies.Which won't be long.

And if you, too, want to be a domestic diva, don't forget about my favorite family meal resource out there, Once a Month Mom. No, this fine lady hasn't figured out how to be a mom only once a month (darn), but she has made it super easy to make meals only once a month (or if you cheat like me, twice a month). Either way, it's way better than staring into your cupboards every day at four pm wondering what's for dinner. (But not quite as good as having your own personal chef. Or so I would imagine.)

But between that and the food processor, think of how much time you'll be saving for important things like reading blogs and sending kids off to school and (not) making Halloween costumes and thoroughly enjoying the new fall TV line-up. Pretty sweet, right? (You can thank me later.)

*What can I say? Every now and then, NTT has to pay the bills. So here's the spiel: as I disclose with any compensations, CSN Stores gifted me the Black and Decker Quick 'N Easy Plus food processor free of charge. This compensation did not come with expectation of a positive review.
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