Friday, July 30, 2010

Nothing to See Here

I'm pretty busy doing a whole lotta nothing these days.

And I'll be honest: it's rubbed off on my blogging. Turns out, what my mother always said was true: when you're bored you're boring. Today's one of those days in which I can find nothing of interest to say. You might think that in this case, I would chose to say nothing at all, but no...I think I'll power through it. Let's see...Calvin got his braces put on today, but it was a rather uneventful process to everyone other than the orthodontist's billing department. Nate's hit the Terrible Elevens (What? That's a thing.) and now counts 'showing off for his friends' and 'talking back' as his favorite new pastimes (but unlike karate, I can't really scrapbook that), Toby's taking swimming lessons, but there's no drama there other than the fact that he looooves his teacher.

Right now they're all at the river with Grandma and Grandpa, and I think the main reason I'm dragging my feet here in blogland is that--and again, I'm just being honest--rather than write a blog post, I'd really rather be eating a slice of the apple pie I bought from Costco (ok, two slices) and watching old Gilmore Girls reruns. Off topic: don't you miss that zany Lorelai and Rory? And doesn't Costco always have the best and most tempting desserts? I always linger in their bakery section trying to look as though I have a legitimate purpose for my loitering other than wishing I had a reason to buy (more of) whatever they have on offer. One day, as God is my witness, I'm going to buy one of those triple-layer chocolate cake numbers, socially acceptable reason to celebrate be damned. That's right: I'm going to take it home and have it for dessert for no reason at all.

Back on topic: I think my lack of topic and general lack of go-get-'em-ness stems directly from the fact that we're almost on Week Two of this rarity of absolutely nothing going on in this household, and I'm not exaggerating, unless you count morning soccer camp and swimming lessons and evening soccer practice, which I don't.

Consequentially, I've lost my way a bit. I like structure. When parenting experts write about how kids crave it and need it to succeed, they're talking about me. I love a good schedule. Lacking that, I like a good project. For weeks, travel was my project. Now that I'm home, and the kids are happily settling into less strenuous pursuits aimless nothing, I find myself needing another one. Or else the pie eating and Gilmore Girls watching commences.

So I've tried out a number of new projects, all of which have yet to gain a lot of momentum. Largely, I blame a general cash flow problem for this. They include:

1. Replacing all the carpeting in our house for hardwood flooring.
2. Designing a new workstation in the family room.
3. Rearranging the boys' bedrooms and reassigning roommates (not popular and not likely to happen).
4. Scrapbooking six months worth of photos (I'm learning my lesson and documenting far fewer events in the future).
5. Clearing out the garage.
6. Querying  novel agents.
7. Replanting grass seed in the backyard.
8. Firming up Christmas and summer 2011 travel plans. (I know, I'm neurotic.)

What I've accomplished so far:

1. Seasons 1-2 of Gilmore Girls.

Pretty productive, if I do say so myself.

This post has been included in Finer Things Friday, because nothing to do is certainly a finer thing!
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