Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Travel Segment time! We're leaving tomorrow for a three week road trip which will take us through eight states, four National Parks, six mountain resorts, and more hikes, tours, activities, and restaurants than we can count. We'll end the trip in sunny Southern California where we'll visit our extended family and hit a theme park or two, then return home in mid-July.

While I always try to update Never-True Tales as often as I can while traveling, things will work a bit differently this time. You see, this vacation isn't all fun and games (actually it is, but shhh, don't tell): throughout our travels, I'll be reviewing resorts and attractions for my travel website, Pit Stops for Kids.

Yes, I'm combining business with pleasure, which means the bulk of my 'Yippee! I found internet connection!' time will need to be spent posting reviews there. In fact, I plan to post 'a pit stop a day', so be sure to check it out. I'll show our progress on a map and everything.

Plus, there's prizes. Throughout our road trip, you can enter to win an OtterBox iPhone or BlackBerry case, guidebooks, and iPhone apps, and before we even leave (i.e. right now!) you can win a $25 gift card to the travel store Kids Travel Happy.

And before I take off my self-promotion hat (which, incidentally, I picture as one of those Victorian numbers with big plumes and birds nests and ribbons around the brim), I have to urge you to go visit the site Best Family Travel Advice before your next adventure. What is BFTA, you ask? It's a question-and-answer forum bringing the best of the best online family travel writers (plus me...go figure) together under one roof, so that you get the most comprehensive travel advice possible. These writers 'know' traveling with kids backwards and forwards, and the site--though still a baby--promises to grow into quite the travel resource. I'm excited to be a part of it, and hope you'll find it useful if you try it!

I'll do my best to check in at NTT, even if it's just with a few photos and a few scribbled lines, then write more extensively about our experiences when we return. In the meantime, please feel as comfortable at Pit Stops for Kids as you do here, and of course you're welcome to follow me on Twitter at @pitstopsforkids as well as @nevertruetales.