Wednesday, June 9, 2010

30 Things I Vow to Do this Summer

1. Take a three-week road trip (Griswolds, you've got nothing on us).
2. Buy a root beer float ice cream bar at the gas station convenience store en route to the lake.
3. Read bad literature.
4. Finish season three of Mad Men.
5. Listen for the ice cream truck.
6. Pay for at least one overpriced carnival ride (as if I'd get away with paying for only one).
7. Learn how to make sangria.
8. Float on an inner tube at Applegate Lake.
9. Wake up to good coffee and real oatmeal at a national park lodge.
10. View Old Faithful and finally see what all the fuss is about.
11. Become my son's soccer team groupie. Oh wait...I've already done that.
12. Have breakfast at The Waffle Window in Portland. (There's lots of eating on this list, isn't there?)
13. Watch hours of street basketball while my kids slurp on sno-cones the size of their heads.
14. Let the kids stay up late to watch a movie in the park.
15. Backpack in the Oregon wilderness.
16. Listen to the surf crash as I lie on the beach getting a non-trendy tan.
17. Pile on blankets and sweatshirts while watching the sun set on another beach, closer to home.
18. Zip through the trees in Big Sky, Montana.
19. Stay the night in a treehouse.
20. Brave the crowds at the public pool on long, hot August days.
21. Swim in a natural hot spring.
22. Run 30 miles a week.
23. View 4th of July fireworks, Wyoming-style.
24. Wade through the river, looking for crawdads.
25. BBQ in friends' backyards.
26. Ride in a dragon boat and sample apple wedge fries.
27. Beat my 85-year-old grandma at ping-pong.
28. Write 500 words a day on Second Novel.
29. Dream up viable reasons why I need an iPad, then try to pitch them to Charlie.
30. Try not to cry when school starts again.

Inspired by the weekly writing assignment at Mama's Losin It.

Photo credit: Summer Is, by Patrick  @flickr
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