Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Say Yes to Life After Yes

Today's Five for Ten topic is 'yes', in honor of our own Aidan Donnelley Rowley, who, as of today (yesterday if you're reading this on Wednesday), is officially a published author! Her debut novel, Life After Yes, is now in bookstores! (Like, actual bookstores...as in, on the New Release table in Barnes and Noble. I feel faint simply by association.)

Aidan was generous enough to send me an advance copy of the book, and I'm pleased to report that despite a crazier-than-usual schedule the last few weeks that's kept me from any form of personal relaxation, including much reading, I'm well into the tenth chapter. I'll be reviewing the book on Never-True Tales upon finishing, so I'll save the details for later, but spoiler alert!: it's a wickedly fun and compelling read!

So look for my review sometime next week, or better yet, take all these literary VIPs' word for it, and pick it up right now to read along with me! Once you do, head over to fellow blogger Kristen's site, Motherese, and join her book club. We'll be discussing...you guessed it...Life After Yes!
A little birdie (of the Twitter variety) told me the author herself might actually join in the discussion. Now that's what I call a book club!

Congratulations, Aidan! Your big 'YES' has been both a vicarious thrill and an inspiration!
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