Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What We're Reading (Spring 2010 Edition)

Nate, blissfully lost in the Underland, 4:40 pm Monday afternoon

Do you ever feel as though you're experiencing an abundant 'book year'? We have those around here, in which the words swell to double their size on the page and our world expands, and we eat and we eat and we eat until sated. This spring has been one of them, our shelves and countertops teaming with good literature...from my remembered love of the gentle grace and genius that is Alice Munro to my joy of reading (and reviewing) novels penned by women I call friends (consider that a teaser!), to my discovery of Suzanne Collins, for whose existance in my life I can thank Cristin of Incidents and Accidents.

During our spring break in Death Valley, I devoured Collins' The Hunger Games with such zest that upon finishing the first novel of the series as we drove into Reno, Nevada (our pit stop for the night), I insisted on 'swinging by' a Borders bookstore with three cranky kids in tow to pick up the sequel. While at the display case, a college-aged boy stopped me to casually ask if the series was any good. I think it was the seven-hour road trip talking when I grasped his arm and blurted, "I just finished the first book 38 minutes ago and my kids have had it but I made them stop here to buy the second one even though they're clearly not fit to be in public after that last ice cream bar fiasco in the backseat somewhere around Fernley because I can't go one night without moooooore!"

And he mumbled something like, "Ok, thanks lady," and wandered away. But this series really is THAT GOOD.

I also got Nate (ok, and myself) completely hooked on her children's series, The Underland Chronicles, in which a boy falls down a laundry shute into a land under the earth ruled by transluscent people terrorized by giant rats. It's every bit as awesome as it sounds.

And now I've started Patrick Ness' The Knife of Never Letting Go, and just the title alone has me at hello.

Calvin is reading a big, thick, dusty tome of Ancient Greek mythology, which he checked out of the library after we'd finished reading the first Percy Jackson book. It's pretty dry, but he keeps at it. I love it when one book inspires interest in a whole new subject matter. It's almost as though you can actually see the new door opening.

And Toby? Toby is learning to read. The process is organic and magical and it's so beautiful, I could cry.

So how about you? What are you reading these days?

(This post is part of Seven Clown Circus' Wordful Wednesday as well as Works for me Wednesday.)
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