Tuesday, March 9, 2010

People. By Toby.

Warning: This is a self-indulgent post. It's for me, not necessarily for you, the reader, so that years from now, when all these early days of parenthood have run together in my mind, I'll remember this:

These are 'people by Toby'. He always describes them this way and always draws them this way; stick figure legs with bulging abdomens and heads, bug people minus antennae, plus eyes and mouth. And right there in the middle? That's what I love about them. Toby's people are always given one extra dot of black marker in the center of their rounded bellies, which are exactly that you think they are: belly buttons.

It's a small detail perhaps, to some. But it's never missing, that single, slight imprint of something more...something eluding to a before. I know Toby's not making a statement by including belly buttons. He doesn't realize their purpose in utero. He does not consider his dots to be a symbol of nurishment or connection or life force.

And yet...he includes them. In every drawing of every person. They are added with a flourish. An annointment saved for last. A period at the end of his sentence, an exclamation at the conclusion of each sketch. He knows it's needed.

He knows it completes.

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