Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's starting to feel quite neighborly around here

Lest you might have forgotten in the midst of holiday chaos, we'll be kicking off the Won't You Be My Neighbor series here at Never-True Tales next week.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Find a handy-dandy reminder by clicking here!

Otherwise, be looking for my intro for our first guest writer early next week, and then come back to read her entry next Friday. I've been assured it will be fabulous. Actually, no, my guest writer assured me of no such thing, but that's the beauty of that it's written in black and white with witnesses, no one will worry over whether it's true. So fabulous it must be! Why, you're welcome, to-be-revealed guest writer! (You're a good sport.)

If you have a blog, I hope you'll consider playing along! There's still plenty of time to grab the button below and recruit your own fabulous guest writers! Anyone guest writing for the series is invited to come back here on Friday and link up their entry.

It's all about meeting new writers and sharing the wealth of our collective readerships, as it were, and I'm very excited to get going!

In other news, a few updates on me (because I'm sure you've all been driven to distraction by the cliffhangers that abound in my life):

Firstly, Sam the dog: He's...better. He no longer crushes my mom to the floor in greeting when she comes to the door, so that's something. And he jogs along beside me pretty well on our daily runs. He still captures the boys' Nerf football and eats large chunks out of it, and he still acts as though we're Tasering him when we try to wipe his muddy paws at the back door. So there's that to work on.

Secondly, that whole lead into gold thing. You'll be shocked to hear I haven't mastered it. But I have worked on The Novel that Won't Die for three days solid now, and we all know that just showing up is most of the battle. And I've submitted edits to my writing group, and they've all dutifully patted me on the back and rah-rah-ed me until I'm almost confident.

Thirdly, you know how I lamented how busy kids are these days, and how I'd never over-schedule mine, and how when I was growing up, we walked ten miles to school in the snow, up-hill both ways, never playing more than one sport at a time? Well, ten minutes after that, I caved to my kid and his puppy-dog eyes and his well-reasoned multi-point presentation on why he needs night-time ski practice to succeed in not only racing but 'basically in all of life, Mom', and added a second day per week of training to our schedule. Verbatim, the closest I got to saying no was, "I'd rather not." Backbone? So overrated. So yeah, I'll be spending my Thursday nights at the ski resort from here on out.

More on that later. Once I've found some semblance of my spine and re-inserted it.
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