Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Year Old Today (ish)

How do you like the new digs?!

The place is looking pretty good, isn’t it? I’ve spent the last few days working hard with the very talented Jen at Blue Yonder Design…or rather, she’s been working hard, and I’ve been emailing her comments like, 'Could the blue be a bit more blue-y?', and other helpful things like that. She could never have done it without me.

And if you’re as in love with the new header photo as I am, you should know it’s on loan from Jen Marie Photography, which I’m honored to have the opportunity to promote. I count photographer Jenny as a personal friend, and let me tell you, when she gets behind a camera and puts a kid in front of the lens, the result is magic. I browse through her portfolio and my heart gives a little squeeze with every new slide, and those aren’t even my kids. She’s that good.

But the blog…we were talking about the blog. If you want to talk metaphor (which, who wouldn‘t?), you might say I’ve remodeled. And then raced around, stuffing stray shoes and Nerf darts into closets and hiding the saucepan that always seems to have dried egg residue stuck to it into the far back corner of the broiler compartment. And then done normal things like dusted and washed the windows. And if you’ve been at my house lately (and by lately I mean any time in the last five years), you know I don’t do windows.

So why the swanky new do?

It is--in a way--my anniversary. That’s right…approximately one year ago today, I posted my first entry here at The Never-True Tales.

But wait…it gets better.

Two weeks ago today, our desktop PC (aka our trusty workhorse) crashed. And by crashed, I mean mayday-mayday-skidded-out-on-the-runway-get-out-the-dental-records-up-in-smoke crashed.

I may have cried.

But first I went into shock. Such shock that I pretended it hadn’t happened. Until we got the hard drive back from the (calls himself a) technician, and piece-by-charred-piece, I began to mourn my dead.

~My entire file folder of email contacts and schedules for my church position. (Yes, I have a church position! Stop laughing.)

~PhotoShop Elements. And no, I don’t have the original software. It was lost. In a…fire. Yeah, that’s it.

~MS Word. As in, all of it. Rendering the tiny icon beside every Word file strangely gray-scaled in an ashen pallor. God rest their souls.

~My twenty page outline for The Novel that Won’t Die. I’ll pause a moment to allow the enormity of that to sink in. My twenty page outline for The Novel that Won’t Die.

~Every package I had ever uploaded for Creative Memories Storybook software. (Yes, I scrapbook. Stop. Laughing.)

So for the last several days, in between emailing Jen at Blue Yonder mind-boggling tidbits like, 'I want the boxes on the left to be more like rectangles but the boxes on the right to be more like squares, except for the box at the top, which will be more like a banner', I’ve been salvaging what I can. Thank the merciful heavens and their flash drive army of angels, I did manage to save and reinstall all but one of the scrapbooking elements, a writing group friend of mine found her copy of The Novel that Won’t Die complete with its outline in her saved email archive and sent it to me, and most importantly of all, my family photos were all saved to a back-up disk. All my other fiction and poetry is safe and snug on my laptop (or as I like to refer to it, my right arm).

In the midst of all this, I’ve been trying to decide what to do to mark the passage of one full year--the first full year--in this little corner of the internet that’s come to feel like home to me. I debated hosting a flashy giveaway or contest to thank all of you, my readers, for being here with me, but that sure sounded like a lot of work. I considered adding various new features to the blog, but in the end, I realized that The Never-True Tales is not, essentially, about bells and whistles. (But it is, apparently, about a shiny new layout.)

It’s about the writing. It’s about settling my hands over these keys that are worn as polished pebbles under the pads of my fingers, and sharing stories that I hope will stay with you…for a day, an hour, or even for only the most transient of moments before your brain is needed for other pursuits. Whether you laugh when you read, or sigh, or just think, wow, I feel sorry for this lady…in other words, if you can relate, then these are your tales, too.

Safely archived in Blogger, for your peace of mind.

And so you’ll understand why I’ve found it delightfully ironic (the only way irony should be) that traditionally, the one year anniversary gift is…paper.

*throws confetti*
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