Monday, November 16, 2009

If you give a mouse a cookie...

they're going to want to blog about it.

We’ve already established that I’m a self-proclaimed masochist. But now it turns out that I’m also a glutton for punishment, or maybe just a glutton, because I’ve decided that after camping last weekend and traveling to Portland for Nate’s soccer cup this past weekend and driving six hours to Northern California for Thanksgiving next weekend and meeting up with a friend two hours away to see New Moon the following weekend (totally normal) and hosting a five-year-old birthday party at some point and and getting all my Christmas shopping done in-between, I’ve also signed on to post as a guest writer at the cooking and baking site Once a Month Mom in addition to my usual website duties here, there, and everywhere else. And yeah, I’m well aware that I don’t cook well. Or even once a month, sometimes. And that’s so not the message the OAMM people are trying to convey with their blog title.

But wait…because that’s not bad enough, guess what I’ve decided to write about? A massive, multi-dozen, mother of all Christmas cookies Baking Day. I’m going to bake so many cookies in one day, you’ll think this place is the Tollhouse Treehouse. (Isn’t that what it’s called?) And if I'm going to write about it…you guessed it…I'm first going to have to do it.

Hopefully successfully.

And before December 1st.

So I’m going to need some help. Raise your hand if you have a great Christmas cookie recipe that you'd like to see completely kick my ass. And then put your hand down and send it to me. Along with instructions if you have them. Preferably illustrated and written for preschoolers.

And then just hold your breath and stay tuned.
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