Saturday, November 7, 2009

Camping in November in the Pacific Northwest? Well, Sure. Because I've Never Been Known to Be a Masochist. Not Me.

I’ve hit a wall.

You know which one. The ‘I-can’t-pack-one-more-lunch-or-plan-one-more-dinner-or-coach one-more-soccer-practice-or-drive-to-one-more-away-game-or-run-one-more-mile-or-write-one-more-article-at-11-pm-or-I’ll-collapse-and-possibly-hopefully-never-get-up’ wall.

I’m not sleeping. Again. I’m prematurely stressing out about Christmas. Again. I’m trying to weasel out of committee meetings and over-reacting to schedules with double-headers on them, and nearly crying when the kids come home from school to inform me they want to be in the talent show, and oh yeah, they need a talent.

So we’re chucking it all, taking three days off (including one school day, *gasp*) and going here again:


Right down the trail from here:


Only, there’s little to no chance it will be that sunny.

And I’m now facing a new wall. It’s called the ‘laundry-has-to-be-done-before-I-can-pack-and-groceries-don’t-buy-themselves-and-where-are-everyone’s-raincoats-and-why-does-no-one-ever-help-out-around-here’ wall.

I’m not sure if I’m improving my temporary quality of life with this whirlwind trip to the coast or further complicating it, but either way, I’ll be back on Tuesday night.

No rain dances, please.
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