Sunday, August 30, 2009

You're getting very, very sleepy...

We're back from our church's annual retreat on the Oregon Coast, and all I really want is my bed, but I can't hit the hay without writing a very brief follow-up to my last post on theology.

Today, Calvin got baptized. I know! We're excited for him!

But Toby, watching Cal getting loads of attention (and a bonus dip in the lake), was determined not to miss out on the good, clean fun.

Toby: (his voice loud in the hushed crowd) What's Calvin doing?

Me: Shhh. He's getting baptized.

Toby: (louder) I want to go next!

Me: (desperate whisper) You can go when you're older and understand. (sterner voice) We'll talk about this in a minute.

Toby: (even louder, if that's possible, and delivered at the very moment everyone else is absolutely silent) But I want to be hypnotized, too!

Now. I know a true Freudian slip requires a firmer grasp of the topic at-hand than a four-year-old possesses, but I don't care...that's funny. Maybe more or less so depending on your beliefs. Personally? I laughed. Loudly.
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