Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tweet, Tweet.

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Open Letter to Those Who have Asked me if I Twitter:

Yes. Well, I mean, no.. I do not currently Twitter. I fully realize, however, that it’s only a matter of time. It’s an inevitability that hovers at the hazy edges of my consciousness much like my mortality, or my next fund raising committee meeting (really, the things I do to bankroll my kids barreling down a snowy slope on skis…can I just donate plasma already?), or the dishes sitting in my sink that will, eventually, demand my attention.

And why do I drag my feet concerning all thing Twitter, you ask? Because really, don’t you already hear enough out of me? I’m already blathering on here, and at Pitstops for Kids, and on Facebook, and on Livejournal, and occasionally, when the merits of Matt Seracen's backside in a football uniform rouses me from my general apathy to the point of action, on Television Without Pity.

Anyway, the word overexposed comes to mind.

Still, I know the future of social networking when I see it. And all my procrastination has already put me behind the curve. So I imagine I’ll be on there eventually, at least for Pitstops for Kids.


The Last Non-Tweeting Holdout

P.S. (to my long-suffering husband): Ease of Twittering would be Reason #452 for buying an iPhone. Just saying.
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