Monday, August 17, 2009

Open Letter To...Tuesday

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For today’s Open Letter segment, I bring you…

A rant about asparagus.

As you can see, it’s not my own Open Letter (I actually like asparagus). But if you’re not already familiar with Whiskey in my Sippy Cup, I don’t know what you’ve been waiting for. If it’s for a formal introduction, then here ya go: Never-True Tales reader, meet 'Mr. Lady', quite possibly the funniest blogger out there. Even funnier than the word blogger (which really is ridiculous, isn’t it?).

Go ahead and read about her adventures with asparagus, but then you’re gonna wanna dig back a bit in the archives, because she has this way of making you laugh to the point of tears but then sort of gasp with a little oh!, because it’s suddenly so poignant and timely and tender you want to quit writing altogether because what’s the point, if this is the competition? Or maybe that’s just me. But her brutally-honest-yet-somehow-gentle style reminds me of Anne Lamott, another writer I admire. (And word of warning: like Lamott, she knows her way around an expletive, should one be required.) The good news is, I never have much time to dwell on how much her talent annoys me before she’s thoroughly entertaining me again, and Charlie‘s looking at me strangely from across the room, because as I said: laugh. ‘til. I. cry. Or sometimes, oddly enough, cry until I laugh.

Also? While I have you here…random question time, if I may: is it really bad for kids’ eyes if they read in the dark? Or is that one of those myths passed down by everyone’s grandmother, like ‘stay out of the pool for a half an hour after eating’? If no one knows, I’ll just have to wait for Myth Busters to feature it (or for my kids’ eyesight to fail, I suppose).
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