Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Open Letter To...Tuesday

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Open Letter to the Product Development Team at Nintendo:

WiiPlay and WiiSports are good family fun, and you’ve finally sold me on WiiFit, but I think it’s time to give those of us in the 20-50 demographic what we really need:


Just think: you could be doing for the mental health field what you’ve already done for physical fitness. My personalized Mii (with expanded waistline and obvious self-image issues) could lie on a virtual couch in a virtual room, where my WiiTherapy psychologist could analyze me based on my heart rate or my blood pressure, charted in real time, of course. Perhaps I could buy a headset accessory for an additional $39.99, so that when I pour out my problems, it can be recorded for posterity. My children could play too, interacting with their child psychologists using fun (yet informative) Rorschach tests renamed things like Inkblot Mania and ADD for MiiMiiMii.

It’s an untapped market, my friends. And we’re all ripe for the picking.

*I believe, although I can’t quite remember (am I losing my mind?!) that the term ‘WiiTherapy’ was coined by my friend Kristin, whom I had the pleasure of visiting last week. I would not want to be accused of stealing her patent. ;)

In other news, we leave this very morning for our three week stint through the southwest and around to southern California. I just did a quick online check of the motels we’ll be staying in along the way, and my head began to spin: I may well be denied an internet connection until well past Moab, Utah.

Oh, the humanity.

I hope to find an oasis in the form of free WiFi before then, but if not, wish us luck, and I’ll post here as soon as I can manage to carjack some poor schmuck with an iPhone or force my family to stop under the welcome green glow of a Starbucks sign.

First up: Southern Oregon to Reno Nevada, and then…Hwy 50--aka The Loneliest Highway in America--straight across the desert to Baker, NV, home of Great Basin National Park.

If I haven’t posted in a week, send out a search party.
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