Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Open Letter To...Tuesday

Open Letter to the Cat who Lives Here:

Based on the following conversation:

Toby: Mom, do cats have feelings?

Me: Did you hurt Patrick?

Toby: No, I didn’t put my finger in his ear.

I extend my apology. You do hard time in this house (it’s probably no mystery why you’re an emotional overeater). I wonder: do you ever think back to that fateful day we walked into the cat rescue center and adopted you (because you were huge and fluffy and because when Calvin asked you to ‘shake’, you let him grasp your paw and thrust it up and down), and do you curse the cat gods? Do you ever wonder what you had done in a past life to deserve us instead of a sweet old lady whose lap you could curl up on all day long, lounging on a croqueted afghan while watching The Price is Right? Because I wouldn’t blame you a bit.


The One who Feeds You Extra Cat Chow Out of Pity

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