Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Never True What?


If you're new here, I might as well come clean (you'll learn the truth soon enough anyway): Never-True Tales is not about the bling. In fact, it's pretty much bling-less. No slick giveaways or contests here. No promotional posts. My photography is mediocre and my social media savvy is below the curve. No, at Never-True Tales, it's really all about one thing: the writing. The bare bones. The proverbial black on white.

And it all started with this:

a crystal-clear August afternoon, a breathtaking view, and a toddler who just wouldn’t stop talking. They are inspired by an essay I first wrote here about a certain three-year-old of mine whose imagination runs so deep, he believes he has done it all and seen it all, the world over. If you ask him, he will tell you he is super-speedy, super-smart, and super-strong. Once upon a time, I might have believed I was all those things, too, but then I had one baby, and then another, followed by another, and now I have three sons, ages nine, seven, and three. How this happened, I have no idea, but there you are. Within this blog, I will tell their story, and mine, and swear to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Because really? I could use all the help I can get.

Nate (age 11): Inventor, thinker, entrepreneur...the guy with the big heart...which he wears on his sleeve. A little bit neurotic, just like his mother.

Calvin (age 9): Mr. Cool without even trying. Martial Arts fanatic, math whiz; the strong and silent type with a few surprises up his sleeve.

Toby (age 5): Wanna-be to the extreme. Would give up his beloved Cheetah-Dog to be as old as his brothers. Teller of tales.

Charlie: Husband deserving of a medal (or two or three). College basketball fan, Xbox master, provider extraordinaire.

Within these pages, you'll find memoirs on parenting, anecdotes, reviews and recommendations, reader feedback, and anything else I believe epitomizes my life with children today. It's my hope it mirrors your own as well.

Settle in, enjoy, and don't be shy!
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